CEO's Letter

We created value since the beginning

When we started in 2005, we set our sights on a primary goal for Amwal International Investment Company K.S.C.P to be the leading financial company in Asset Management, Real Estate Funds Management, and corporate finance in Kuwait, and to achieve this goal we invested in our team and nourished the local market with skills, high competencies, and unique investment products that serve the country as a whole and our customers in particular. Today, we look back with pride at the achievements accomplished by the company and its team who’s experienced in the local and international markets, and who witnessed the beginnings of the Real Estate Funds in Kuwait and was a pioneer in this industry.

Creating value and commitment to our clients and our community is part of our vision and our business culture at Amwal International Investment Company K.S.C.P

At Amwal International Investment Company K.S.C.P, our clients come at the forefront of our attention. They are our source of inspiration and our driving force to create a variety of unique investment products that meet our clients’ individual needs, and provide them with the financial immunity that protects them against the market uncertainty. With our strong belief in the importance of creating value for our clients, we reflect our internal commitment-based culture in all our business practices seeking to fulfil our promise of building a strong financial immunity for our partners.

Our strategy is not limited to providing investment solutions only, but it is characterized by the customization of the solutions to meet the client’s unique needs and fit their investment goals in light of a clear risk management framework. By doing so, we seek to establish a solid relationship with our clients for a long-term fruitful partnership with them.

After years of devoting efforts to build a solid financial company, we are today more prepared and ready to face the upcoming challenges and the unanticipated events in the Kuwait financial market. We are even committed to contributing to the realization of the ambitious Vision 2030 that aims to strengthen the local economy and increase the financial literacy rate among members of the Kuwait community, which drives toward smarter financial decisions.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to our shareholders, clients, and employees who had faith in Amwal International Investment Company K.S.C.P and who supported the progress and growth of the company, and I assure them that we will continue to create value for them in all our practices and business lines.

Akbar Ahmed Bokhari Chief Executive Officer