Team and Investment Philosophy

The Team

The Asset Management team comprises of professionals with extensive work experience in the Kuwait Market and other regional and global markets. Team members possess a combination of local and international qualifications and adhere to the premier levels of standards and prudence in the way they manage portfolios.
The Team

Investement Philosophy

Investement Philosophy
Our investment Philosophy is characterized by the notion of individuality in client needs. Offering custom solutions to our clients which best fits their specific investment objective, under a clear risk management framework.

We utilize focused and disciplined approach to investing into undervalued companies that are managed by people of integrity, vision and competence.

Fundamental analysis is the key factor in our decision making. We also utilize quantitative and factor-driven strategies with documented track records as drivers of return.

Wide array of solutions

Understanding clients’ unique needs ensures adequate differentiation and targeting of appropriate risk and return outcomes.

Skill Set

Investors can temporarily outperform the market by taking an inappropriate level of risk. However, over the long term, superior risk-adjusted returns can only be achieved by applying skills and following a rigorous investment process


At Amwal International Investment Company K.S.C.P, we are fully aware that following a clearly defined and rigorous investment process is the only way to minimize behavior biases and investors’ emotional impulses.

Risk Management

At Amwal International Investment Company K.S.C.P, we have established a process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks associated with any investment scheme.

We believe that diversification by asset class or diversification by industry and style contributes to a more consistent return pattern over time, whilst minimizing the risk associated with the individual investments.